English coaching

Living through your career, you might come across moments where personal coaching could be relevant and beneficial. Under the guidance of your online coach, you can investigate your question(s) or needs for your personal development, in order to keep up with your knowledge and skills, while being focused on the future.

Further analysis of your own performance, competences, talents, obstacles, and pitfalls will unveil new insights.

Our vision on coaching

Before kicking off, you have to fill in an online Personality Profile (i.e. L.S.I.) which provides you directly with an insight to your current performance behavior, your patterns of thinking and acting, as well as your possibilities vis-à-vis growth and development. Our senior coach will provide you a concrete recommendation for a next step regarding the professional growth you have opted for.

This course was designed for people who would like to boost their professional development by using their knowledge and skills, as well as their emotional intelligence in their work and life performances. You will learn how to make an even better use of your mental skills, how to work even more effectively, efficiently and resolutely; and to operate with increased self-confidence.

Learning goals

  • How do I sharpen my motivation in order to be effective and work with pleasure at my future job?
  • How can I build up and boost my self-confidence in my work performance?
  • How do I gain insights regarding my personal obstacles that might hold back my development and capacities in work?
  • How do I establish a (better) work-life balance?
  • How do I increase my self-knowledge and awareness in order to maintain and/or improve my expert knowledge?
  • How do I find my inner motivation, in order to improve my performance and output?
  • How do I communicate in a more powerful way, and enhance both my technical and personal vocabulary?
  • How do I improve my performance, and why do I get blocked sometimes (regarding future jobs after reorganization as well)?
  • What are feelings and emotions, what effect do they have on my performance and my input of knowledge and skills; and how can I integrate them in a way that broadens my expertise?
  • How do I plan actions and steps in order to strengthen my expertise and competences, and hence to gain more oversight and keep my current and/or future job

Coaching format and results

The course includes an intake, followed by 3 or 5 sessions. Coaching sessions take place at the coach’s office or online via Teams. The sessions can also be held while walking in the area of the Kralingse plas (Rotterdam). Online sessions take 1 hour, live sessions 1.5 hours with an interval based on dialogue and what is required. A comprehensive, personalized syllabus (sent by post) will support this training. This programme is aimed at people who want to boost their professional development by utilising the personal side of being human in their own functioning in addition to professional knowledge. You will learn to make better use of your professional knowledge and skills and work more effectively and efficiently, more decisively and confidently.